Florida Insurance Claim Attorney

Get Your Claim Resolved with Legal Assistance

At LeavenLaw, the legal team has a long history of successfully resolving all types of insurance claims. The firm has been helping Florida consumers for over three generations, and if you have run into difficulties with your claim, it is advised that you contact the firm immediately. It is critical that all of the issues involved are managed professionally. When buying insurance, consumers expect the insurance company to support them with something goes wrong but oftentimes there are delays, denials, and unfair payments that take place. Defend yourself against these wrongdoings of your insurance company by seeking representation from a Florida insurance claim lawyer from our firm.

The firm has assisted thousands and thousands of consumers to resolve their financial disputes successfully. The firm has a CPA on staff, a Florida Certified Circuit Court Mediator, and they have garnered a reputation for their excellent legal work in financial and insurance claim disputes. The attorneys have a unique ability to press forward aggressively when needed, but also the ability to work with others in negotiations to get disputes fairly and favorably resolved. The goal is to have each client able to happily move on with their lives with the least amount of time and personal stress. Oftentimes settlements with insurance companies can be handled with alternative dispute resolution procedures leaving both parties satisfied and our lawyers are equipped and ready to make those sort of resolutions. On the other hand, aggressive representation in trial is sometimes necessary in order to receive the fair outcome that our clients deserve and we are skilled and ready for that process as well.

Sinkholes, Hurricane Damage, Floods, Lightning, Mold, Fires, and Injury and Accident Claims

In the State of Florida, there are a great number of natural events that can impact consumers. These include sinkholes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, and cases involving mold. There are also more common types of claims such as those related to fires, and all types of injuries & accidents. The firm has an extensive history serving individuals and families throughout the state, and the legal team has gained a great deal of understanding about how to best move forward and get a claim resolved, even in cases in which the claim has been denied, or an inadequate settlement was offered.

The legal language in your insurance policy can be open to interpretation, and this issue has caused many consumers a great deal of worry and stress. After faithfully paying premiums, year after year, assuming that they were covered, to be denied a settlement can be devastating. Whether you are experiencing problems with a health insurance, homeowner and property insurance or auto insurance company you deserve to be fairly supported and we are here to help ensure that happens for you.

The process for filing an insurance claim follows these guidelines:

  1. Notifying the responsible parties that you are filing a claim for injuries that you have suffered
  2. Investigate the claim and gather all of the necessary evidence
  3. Determine how much you believe your claim is worth and form the arguments for why that is the case
  4. Write a formal letter to the insurance company of your demands for compensation

This process can be simple or it can be overwhelming depending on the responsible party and the insurance companies involved. No matter the case, obtain a skilled insurance claim lawyer who knows the necessary steps and measures that must be taken. Do not try to recover compensation alone, let us help you receive the reimbursements that you deserve for your injuries.

Looking for an attorney for your insurance claim case in Florida?

There are many cases in which a valid claim is denied. At this point, it is time to enlist the assistance of a law firm that knows insurance law, and has a high rate of success in resolving these matters. At LeavenLaw, the firm’s attorneys know how important it is to you, your family and your financial health that your claim is settled fairly and as quickly as possible. Every effort is made to address the insurance company and present the evidence of their bad faith so that they pay what you deserve, under the terms of your policy. Should they fail to pay the settlement you deserve in a timely manner, the firm will proceed to court to litigate your case. As consumer advocates, the firm is concerned strictly with protecting the rights of the individual and in getting a valid insurance claim paid fairly.

Those who have been injured can run into problems getting fair compensation, at a time when they need it the least - while trying to recover from an accident, illness or injury. Whether you were injured in a vehicle accident, in an incident on another’s property, or due to the effects of a serious storm or toxic mold, the firm can help you determine the best course of action legally. The Florida insurance claim lawyer from the firm will carefully evaluate your case, at no charge, so that you can get information about what can be done to get justice and compensation. Call us today to begin the process of recovering the settlement you deserve from your insurance company.