Mail with Supporting Documentation.

When disputing errors found on your credit report, it is critical that you dispute the errors on your credit report via the United States mail; do not use the credit bureaus websites to submit your disputes. There are several reasons to dispute errors on your credit report in this fashion. They are:

You control the dispute and its contents via USPS; bureaus control contents on-line
You can control the form of your dispute; bureaus control form on-line
You have letter and exhibits for lawsuit, if needed; harder to track via on-line filing

Authorize LeavenLaw to Pull Your Credit Report

Keep Good Records.

As referenced above, if the errors on your credit reports are not corrected after you submit your disputes, you may have to file a lawsuit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to ultimately get your credit reports fixed and to recover damages that you have incurred as a direct result of the erroneous credit reporting. If you do have to file a lawsuit under the FCRA, it is imperative that you have copies of your letters, your supporting records, and the proof of credit bureau receipt of yours disputes for any eventual lawsuit that you may file .To that end:

Always send the dispute letters and records via certified mail.
Always make copies of your letters and their attachments.
Always keeps copies of any letters received back from the credit bureaus sent in response to your disputes.

Dispute. Dispute. Dispute...then File Suit.

So you have an error on your credit report and your have disputed the reporting with no success. What to do next? File suit immediately? Or dispute again? In fact, how many times should I dispute? Good question.

As a general rule, LeavenLaw’s credit reporting attorneys recommend that you dispute at least two times, sometimes more, depending on the magnitude of the errors, the number of errors and how quickly you need the erroneous credit reporting rectified. If you have time, apply for credit post dispute and see if you get the credit you need. If you do, great. If not, those are actual damages.

In the end, if you have already disputed an error on your credit report and need legal counsel, call the FCRA attorneys at LeavenLaw and we will be happy to discuss next steps with you at a free consultation. If you have not yet sent a dispute and are unsure of what to do, LeavenLaw and its credit reporting attorneys are here to help. Call today for a free consultation!