In Florida, work-related injuries are regulated by Florida Statutes, Section 440 et seq. In most cases, a hurt worker cannot sue their employer for negligence. Why? Florida has established a statutory scheme wherein both the worker and the employer have protections in the event of a work-place related injury. The employee has the advantage of knowing that, in most cases, the employer is required to have insurance to assist the hurt worker with medical treatment and lost wages. Conversely, the employer has the peace of min in knowing that, if something deos happen that gravely injres one if its employees, they will not be liable in tort to the employee for pain and suffering; their insurance will protect them and try to compensate the hurt worker. A win-win in an otherwise bad sitations. Below are some of the most common work-place related injuries that occur on the job in Florida. Please clieck on the type of injury you desire to learn more about:

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