The attorneys of LeavenLaw regularly create new corporations and limited liability companies, and prepare and tailor shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and operating agreements to the specific needs of the Client.

LeavenLaw has the experience to assist the Client with choosing the correct business entity. The firm believes that there are serious considerations to be weighed in the choice of business entity, chief among these, the types and number of shareholders, the end objectives of the Client’s investment and the Client’s exit strategy. During the consultation, an attorney from LeavenLaw will familiarize the Client with these issues.

For a one-time fixed fee, LeavenLaw will properly and quickly form the entity, including ensuring proper filing, publication, as well as preparation of the minute book and all necessary corporate documents, and obtaining the corporate seal. Our Attorneys will also prepare the forms necessary to obtain the federal employer identification number and the s-election from the Internal Revenue Service.

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