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The largest body organ is the skin. This organ is made up of several layers that all serve important functions in protecting the body. The thinnest layer is the outside epidermis and it works as a defensive wall against outside invaders, toxins and germs. The other layers help the body breath, shed toxins, regulate heat and serve as protective cushioning for internal organs and body parts. When damaged or destroyed by extreme heat or caustic chemicals the damage is far more than superficial or cosmetic. Severe burns are life threatening and extremely painful, including severe pain during treatment of the injury.

The body’s defenses against germs, viruses and bacteria are heavily compromised and so a burn victim is very susceptible to contracting illnesses and infections. In addition the body is unable to adequately process the toxins it produces and this can lead to auto-poisoning. Burns often occur as the result of accidents such as automobile collisions, explosions or industrial accidents. When a car crashes one of the highest risk factors stems from gasoline igniting. When this happens it is very easy for anyone trapped inside or immobilized by injuries to suffer terrible skin burns. Similar damage is wrecked in the case of explosions or industrial accidents. The degree of the burn relates to the amount of skin tissue damaged.

A very serious level is the third-degree burn as it destroys all the layers of the skin. This is commonly caused by corrosive chemicals, fire, electrical burns, steam, hot objects, burning garments or being exposed to hot water or fluids. Damage can result from the extreme loss of bodily fluids. This causes the blood pressure to drop so low that vital blood supply does not reach organs such as the brain. In cases of exposure to heat from fire, or steam, this can also result in burning of the internal lung tissue and compromise breathing. In such severe types of burns the possibility of death is very high.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

If another’s negligence or wrongful act resulted in a serious burn injury, the law provides for you to seek compensation for your losses, pain and medical expenses. There are many costs involved in recovering from severe burns. The treatments can last many years, including the extensive reconstructive surgery required. The cost of these surgeries can range has high as hundreds of thousands of dollars and may not always be fully covered by medical insurance especially if it involves cosmetic repairs. Working with an experienced St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer can be very important in ensuring you receive the best possible settlement. At LeavenLaw our job is to fight for every possible form of compensation for damages that you deserve.