Workplace injuries come in various forms. Some accidents are work related such as a machinist cutting a hand on a saw. Others less obvious are a typist getting carpal tunnel syndrome or a delivery truck worker developing back pain. Work related injuries qualify a worker for Workers’ Compensation benefits. These benefits are paid regardless of the fault. They provide for the worker’s medical expenses as well as a benefit to cover living expenses. If the worker is permanently disabled, he may also apply for a lump sum disability payment. Under some circumstances, in addition to the Workers’ Comp claim, the worker can maintain a personal injury action for additional compensation. You are urged to contact a personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg to facilitate your Workers’ Comp claim and to check out other sources of compensation.

At LeavenLaw we assist clients with workplace injuries in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. When we receive a workplace injury case, we fully investigate the circumstances. We help prepare Workers’ Comp application and then give it to the worker to submit through his employer to the Workers’ Comp insurance company. If the insurance company rejects the claim, we first negotiate for reconsideration and, if that fails, appeal it to the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. We then champion the claim before the Workers’ Comp hearing for approval of maximum benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our firm also explores the possibility of personal injuries actions to supplement the Workers’ Comp claim. These would be against a party, other than the employer, who is liable for the accident. An example would be a manufacturer of a defective drill the worker was using. On a construction site, an example would be where a worker is injured by the actions of another subcontractor. These personal injury actions would afford full compensation to the worker including medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering. We urge you to contact a St. Petersburg workplace injury attorney for a free consultation. A workplace injuries attorney at the firm will go over your workplace injuries and let you know what your options are and how the firm will help you.