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DUI (driving under the influence) and BUI (boating under the influence) are criminal offenses that are common occurrences in Florida. Both DUI and BUI are typically charged as misdemeanors – unless they cause severe injury or death, in which case they may be charged as a felony. LeavenLaw is dedicated to helping St. Petersburg and Tampa residents with their DUI and BUI arrests and accusations. We understand the ins and outs of Florida’s driving and boating laws and work hard to help our clients receive alternative or lessened sentences so they can continue driving as soon as possible.

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Brief Overview of Florida DUI and BUI Charges

Florida law enforcement officers and courts enforce strict laws and penalties regarding driving and boating under the influence. Not only will offenders lose their licenses, but they will face additional penalties such as fines, jail time, counseling and substance abuse classes, and the impounding of their vehicle or boat.

DUI and BUI sentencing will depend upon several factors:

  • Prior violations
  • The age of the driver (whether he or she is under 21)
  • If any traffic laws were violated during the infraction
  • Whether any children were present
  • If an accident and property damage or bodily injury resulted

If you have been arrested for BUI or DUI, an experienced St. Petersburg DUI attorney can help. We will fight for your rights and will do our utmost to ensure you get the best outcome possible for your case. The Leavengood family has served Florida residents with their legal needs for three generations. Let us help to protect your future.

Our Investigative Approach to Your Case

Dealing with a drunk driving charge is not a simple matter – for this reason, having experienced representation is not something that should be taken lightly. At our firm, we know that you might have questions and we are prepared to help you answer them - from helping you to understand how the DMV hearing might affect your license, how we can defend against a "failed" field sobriety test or other DUI-related charges. By providing you with accessible and comprehensive assistance, we can help you through some of the most troubling of cases – giving you the assistance you need.

We take a comprehensive approach to criminal cases and will go the distance as we fight for your just outcome. No matter whether this is your first offense or if you have prior DUI convictions, you can trust that we will apply the same level of high-quality assistance. From looking into the breath test to explaining blood alcohol concentration, we will invest the necessary hours and efforts into building the strongest defense possible for you.

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If you have recently been criminally charged with an alcohol-related offense, it is important to remember that your entire future will be on the line. For this reason, you should waste no time in getting the involvement of an experienced lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL who can help you to protect your legal rights. At our firm, we understand how daunting it can be to deal with a criminal charge of this nature and we are thus fully committed to ensuring that we give the comprehensive assistance that they fully deserve.

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