Bankruptcy and Creditor Harassment Defense Lawyers

All across the country, Americans are finding themselves stuck with large bills that they are not able to pay. Many of these bills are from hospitals and doctors; few are prepared to handle the financial aspects of a serious illness or injury. Other bills may be left unpaid because of expenses from a recent divorce, or because you lost your job and have not been able to find comparable-paying work. Our DeSoto County bankruptcy lawyers know all too well the effects that the recession has taken on Americans. We also know, however, that debt relief is possible. When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be given the opportunity to start over. This is one of the few situations in life in which there is a clear solution to a difficult problem, and even if you do not believe bankruptcy is necessary in your situation, an attorney at our firm can give you more information about foreclosure defense and bankruptcy alternatives.

Bankruptcy Services

You and your family do not have to suffer from creditor harassment anymore. You do not have to avoid answering the telephone for fear that it is a creditor calling to collect; you do not have to leave bills unopened because you know you cannot make a payment. During a free preliminary review of your financial situation with one of our bankruptcy lawyers, we can give you information pertaining to all aspects of the bankruptcy process, such as the Chapter 7 means test, tax debts and bankruptcy, commercial bankruptcy, bankruptcy exemptions, why Chapter 13, and more. Even if you are merely wondering "Should I file for bankruptcy?" you will benefit from a consultation.

We can also defend you against unlawful creditor harassment. Federal law, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as well as state law, under the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, offers numerous protections against certain types of collection attempts. To learn more, call our office today!

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