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Violent crimes are the most serious criminal offense that can be committed. Because of the destructive nature of violent crimes (assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, and more) sentences are severe and can even mean the death of the convicted. The only answer is an experienced team of Florida criminal defense lawyers who can protect your rights and keep you from prison.

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What are violent crimes?

A violent crime is defined as an act or threat of violence upon another. Violent crime offenses can occur as the original intent of the accused – such as a murder or forcible rape, or as the means to an end – such as an attack during a burglary. Violent crime statistics in St. Petersburg and Tampa are well above the national average, at approximately 2.8 times the national average.

Violent crimes can be divided into many different categories and types of offenses:

Violent crimes are some of the most difficult to represent. Due to the unpleasant or unsettling nature of accusations, prosecutors will be harsh, juries may turn a deaf ear to defense, and the press may blow things out of proportion. When a person is accused of a crime it can be easy for others to look at them as guilty before they are given a fair trial. Just because a person is arrested does not mean they are guilty.

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