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Juvenile crimes refer to any criminal act, whether felony or misdemeanor, committed by a minor (a person under the age of 18). Children and young teens may not have a clear sense of the consequences of their actions and can be influenced by "peer pressure" or by the opinion of an adult or older child. Juvenile crimes are treated differently by the courts in that some crimes are given a degree of leniency or alternative sentencing to help the child reform without sending him or her to an adult prison. However, some situations are considered more serious than others and instances arise in which the court finds it necessary to treat the individual as an adult.

If your child has been accused of a juvenile crime, our experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyers are essential to protect your child’s rights and give them a chance for a bright future – one without a criminal record. Most juvenile cases will vary from court to court and from police officer to police officer. For instance, a police officer may catch a minor vandalizing property and let him off with only a warning.

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Common Juvenile Crimes Charges

A criminal charge this early on can set a child off on the wrong path before they even have a chance to start their adult life. Our dedicated and passionate criminal defense attorneys are your child’s chance for a normal life. Juvenile crimes in Florida are committed every day. With illegal drugs and rising crime rates, minors find themselves involved in more and more criminal offenses.

Some of the most common juvenile crimes include:

A team of experienced criminal defense lawyers who can protect your child and keep him or her out of jail is your only chance for the future. At LeavenLaw, our attorneys and staff understand how important family is, especially children. We must help them grow to become responsible adults and do everything in our power to protect them.

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