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Internet crimes are any of a multitude of crimes committed over or by using the internet. These crimes have become increasingly complex in nature due to ever-changing and new developments regarding the internet and computers. Law enforcement agencies, particularly federal agencies, monitor and crack down on these crimes with vigor.

Knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers experienced with internet crimes are essential to represent your case. The attorneys at LeavenLaw know and understand all types of internet crimes and can build a successful defense, protecting your rights and attaining the best result for your case. These crimes can be challenging to defend since there can often be recorded evidence online that may put a suspect in a bad light.

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Types of Internet Crimes

Common internet crimes include:

  • Internet identity theft
  • Phishing (posing as a reputable company to acquire sensitive information)
  • Internet pornography
  • Internet auction fraud
  • Fraudulent business opportunities
  • Fraudulent Work-at-home schemes
  • Illegal emailing (spamming)
  • Hacking
  • Malware / Viruses
  • Illegal Downloads

However, with more and more business and financial transactions being conducted over the internet, such crimes will most likely continue to change and increase. In accordance with those changes, new national and state laws are created and enforced regarding internet crimes – meaning attorneys and law firms need to say informed and educated in order to accurately represent clients.

At LeavenLaw, our criminal defense attorneys and their support staff stay abreast of laws governing internet crimes in order to meet with success in and out of the courtroom, gaining alternative sentences or lessened or dismissed charges. Contact us today!