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When elder citizens are become too infirm to care for at home, we are regrettably forced to place them in nursing homes. We would hope that they would be treated with professional and compassionate care. Sadly though, there are instances when this does not occur. You may see signs that make you wonder if they are being treated cruelly, neglected or receiving improper medical care. If this is occurring you are urged to contact a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney who handles nursing home abuse.

You may suspect nursing home abuse if you observe bed sores, dehydration, signs of falls or fractures, restraint, indicators of slapping or assault or wanderings outside. You may also see prescription mistakes, irregular dosages of medicine and failures to diagnose symptoms as signs of medical malpractice. This cruel treatment is illegal and must be addressed legally as a personal injury case in a civil claim, as well as immediately alerting the authorities of the criminal abuse.

Nursing homes are under constant pressure to cut costs to raise company profits. This results in reducing the number of staff and in particular the number of highly trained nurses. This lowers the quality of care and also stretches thin the personnel to care for the patients. It has a depressing effect not only on the patients but on the overworked staff as well. They may take it out on the patients when particularly stressed.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in St. Petersburg

We at LeavenLaw are a nursing home abuse firm serving the St. Petersburg, Florida community. We are particularly intent that our elder citizens are treated properly in our community’s nursing homes. We want to hear of reports of abuse so that legal action is taken immediately. Upon adequate proof we file claims for damages against those homes that mistreat our elder citizens. It is hoped that appropriate legal action will force nursing homes to take note and staff their homes with adequate, professional staff.