Are You Considering Bankruptcy?

If you and your family are facing huge credit card debts, endless payment plans, astronomical interest rates or foreclosure, speak with a Brandon bankruptcy attorney from our firm today. Bankruptcy is a tool available to those who qualify that gets them out of debt with their creditors. It is important to have a highly skilled attorney at your side to oversee eligibility requirements and the entire bankruptcy procedure. Each bankruptcy case is individual and our firm has a policy that every client is treated with personalized care. Whether you are looking for an alternative to foreclosure or just a way out of seemingly endless debt, we may be able to assist you. Our legal team provides personal legal counsel to clients needing legal representation in any of the following debt-related matters:

Creditor Harassment


For many, bankruptcy is an effective tool to fight against foreclosure. A Brandon bankruptcy attorney can review your case and tell you whether or not bankruptcy is right for you. For many, Chapter 7 is the answer to their unsecured debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a very good option for those who are worried about future income or not currently making enough income to pay their bills.

Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyer

Not all types of debt can be eliminated with Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. However, medical bills, credit card bills, and other similar forms of debt can be completely discharged. Many more people today are filing for bankruptcy and it no longer carries with it the stigma it once was considered to have. By skillfully managing your debts and credit after filing for bankruptcy, you may find that in the long run your credit situation has actually improved. At LeavenLaw, we supply each of our clients with the care they deserve. Our goal is to relieve our clients of the financial stress they have been under so that they can move on with their lives.

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