Speak with Skilled Florida Injury Attorneys

The lawyers at LeavenLaw have one goal in mind when disaster strikes and an accident or injury has left you or a loved one hurt. The firm’s purpose is to see to it that you are compensated to the maximum extent possible in accordance with your insurance policy. You have probably paid your premiums without fail and have never had to make an insurance claim. Now, a car accident, work injury, hurricanes, lightning strikes, fire or a similar incident has changed all that and you need help.

Insurance adjusters are trained to deny claims if they can or to pay as little as possible. The firm wants you to know that there are ways that this can be prevented or favorably resolved. Your first action should be to obtain determined representation from an aggressive Florida insurance claim lawyer from the firm. Over 50 years of combined experience and thousands of successful cases have proven that it is only through strong legal actions that an unwilling insurer can be made to fully live up to the terms of your insurance policy.

Your case begins with LeavenLaw’s own investigation and documentation as to what occurred, the cause and extent of your injury and what your policy states. Armed with this information, an attorney from the firm can then take on an insurer on your behalf. At times, solely by having an accomplished attorney and a claim that is correctly prepared and filed, your claim can be settled.

Will your insurance company pay a fair settlement?

Insurance companies know that they can get you to take a smaller settlement amount than you are owed simply by getting to you quickly, before you have had time to consult an experienced attorney. They realize that you may have mounting medical bills, are unable to earn an income and that any amount of money can look appealing. The firm urges you to not be fooled. Commonly, any initial offer is much less than you deserve and will not truly make up for what you have lost and your future needs. An insurer also knows that your chances of getting full compensation are greatly improved when you use the services of an experienced lawyer.

If an accident or other incident has left you injured, immediately contact a Florida insurance claim attorney for assistance in getting your full claim amount paid.