Sinkhole Damages and the Law

Anyone who has lived in or around Florida understands the dangers and potential loss of property caused by sinkholes. Just this past year, new laws pertaining to claims for sinkhole damage were enacted in our state. This legislation makes using an aggressive Florida insurance claim lawyer even more vital when sinkhole damage has occurred. With over 50 years of combined years in practice, LeavenLaw has assisted many thousands of Floridians to get their insurance claims settled in a fair and positive manner. Without their assistance, you may find yourself unable to obtain the money you need to repair structural damage.

Insurance adjusters work for their companies, not you. As a result, there are times when a valid claim is denied. Frequently, insurance companies rush to get you to settle for a specific amount which may not be the full compensation you are owed. The new laws allow an insurance company to restrict loss coverage to just the main building as given in your insurance policy. They also redefine what is considered sinkhole loss and what is thought of as structural damages. Attorneys at the firm are fully familiar with these laws and how they affect your ability to obtain compensation for your losses. They use this knowledge and their experience to fight for a favorable resolution to your claim.

Resolving Disputed Claims

According to the statutes, in the case of a disputed claim both the insurance company and a neutral evaluator can be used to verify that there is a sinkhole and that it caused damage to your property. Depending on what your policy states, the insurer is still responsible to see that you are paid to stabilize the land, your building and make the necessary repairs to its foundation. Even if your insurance company is not in disagreement as to the presence of sinkhole activity, it is still important that your full rights be strongly protected by an experienced attorney.

Contact a Florida sinkhole attorney to understand your rights concerning sinkhole damages and what can be done to secure them.