Florida Fire Insurance Lawyer

After a fire, your insurance company will assess the harm caused to your home or place of business. If this is done in a fair and ethical manner which follows the terms of your agreement, items such as temporary lodging, food and clothing will be covered. In addition, repair and/or replacement of damaged property should occur. After all, you have fire insurance and you paid your monthly installments, so all should be fine. Commonly, though, report of the fire to your insurer can start a long and difficult process which ends up in your insurance claim being denied in part or in whole and the repairs and replacements being inadequate. The firm works to see that this doesn’t happen.

With over 50 years of hard-won experience and many thousands of cases successfully behind them, the attorneys at LeavenLaw understands the devastation that a fire can bring about. A committed Florida insurance claim attorney from their firm also knows the aggressive and skilled legal actions that are frequently required to make an insurance company fulfill their contractual obligations.

It starts with your insurance company wanting to know how the fire started. If this is at all in question, it can lead to your claim being delayed or denied or the victim being accused of starting the fire. From the outset of your case, your rights need to be protected and any attempts to deny or devalue your claim must be prevented and/or strongly contested.

Repair or Replacement of Fire Damage

One of the actions that an insurance company will undertake is to severely underestimate the amount of damage to your home or business and what it will take to truly resolve your losses. Sometimes, fire damage is not obvious but heat and smoke can cause irreparable harm to electrical wiring, appliances and a host of other items. The offer you receive may be for a quick fix up when full repairs or replacement is needed. If the fire was at your company, it is important that your business interruption coverage is paid fully and on time. Either through negotiation or litigation, the firm strives to obtain the full amount that you are factually owed.

Contact a Florida fire insurance claim lawyer for help in obtaining fair repair or replacement of property damaged in a fire.