Payment for Flood Damage

At first glance, getting an insurance claim paid for flood damage may appear to be straightforward. You see your business or home partially or fully in ruins and the devastation caused by the water is obvious. There are a multitude of ways in which a flood can occur and, unfortunately, a very limited way that a "flood" is legally defined. In Florida, homeowner’s insurance does not normally cover flood damage even though property loss caused by water damage, such as from broken pipe is commonly protected. The loss you have suffered is plain, but getting your insurance company to settle your claim frequently isn’t.

LeavenLaw has a combined 50 years of experience to call on when you are most in need of help. One of the firm’s lawyers has been recognized as a Rising Star in Florida by Super Lawyers, a unique and hard-earned honor. Their attorneys have assisted thousands and thousands of individuals in resolving disputes. When required, a Florida insurance claim lawyer from the firm can be as forceful and determined as needed to see that the full amount you are owed is paid. The attorneys also have the ability to skillfully negotiate on your behalf, if this will work best to get your claim settled in a fair manner.

Does your insurance policy cover floods?

Sometimes, it is possible to show that damage to your property was brought about by water covered under your existing general insurance policy, even when it does not include flood insurance. Your insurance company may state that the damage you sustained was from a flood when in fact it was not.

It is vital as well to be able to show the full loss you have suffered. This can include your major appliances, structural damage to your home or company, the need to replace carpeting and walls, mold handling and many other items. A committed lawyer from the firm can provide a free case evaluation so that you understand what you may be due and the legal actions that can be taken to protect you. Your damages are real and you deserve strong legal representation for your insurance claim. If you are interested in learning more, contact the firm at your earliest convenience.