Losses from Lightning Strikes: Insurance Claim Lawyer

With the amount and frequency of lightning strikes in our state and the millions in property damage that is caused, the number of insurance claims that are paid for lightning related incidents is surprisingly few. The attorneys from LeavenLaw have successfully helped thousands to settle their disputes when injury or property damage has occurred. If lightning strikes, retaining a determined Florida insurance claim attorney from the firm can be of great benefit when you come face to face with getting an insurance company to pay your claim for damages. With over 50 years of experience behind them, the firm’s lawyers want you to be confident in their ability to help.

While a lightning strike can bring about direct damage, subsequent harm can also be caused by electrical shortages, fires, property damage from fallen trees, pinhole leaks in plumbing and more. At times, all electrical appliances will need to be replaced along with the wiring in your house or place of business. In some cases, lightning can cause injury leaving you unable to make a living for a short of long period of time. You have probably paid for years on your insurance policy and you should be able to obtain all the coverage allowed by it. Many times, this takes an aggressive and knowledge stance on the part of your attorney in order to see that the full amount you are owed is paid.

Insurance Company Tactics

Attorneys at the firm are very familiar with attempts by an insurance company to avoid or delay payment on valid claims or to lower the value of your benefits. They also know what to do to prevent this. At times, an adjuster will quickly offer you a settlement amount before you seek legal help. This is frequently done so that you will agree to a payment that is less than you will actually need and could obtain. From carefully establishing the full amount of your losses to aggressively striving for the maximum benefits allowed, the firm is committed to serving your best interests.

Contact a Florida lightning insurance claim lawyer from the firm to understand your legal options when lightning has caused property damage or injury.