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If you have been injured or suffered harm as the result of another's negligence or wrongdoing then you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The law provides for the right to sue another based upon their failure to act responsibly or to live up to an expected standard of care. There are many legal complexities involved in building such a case and it is very worthwhile to consult with a Tarpon Springs personal injury attorney. At LeavenLaw we have represented numerous individuals over the years against injuries suffered in such areas as:

The law and our social expectations are very clear in that individuals owe a duty to act responsibly and are liable when they do not. We expect a car driver to not "drink and drive" or to observe posted speed limits. Professionals such as doctors are held to standards of care and conduct which includes areas such as diagnosis, treatment and disclosure. Drug and medical manufacturers are held responsible to see that products meet certain standards and that side effects are adequately disclosed.

Why a Tarpon Springs injury lawyer?

At LeavenLaw we establish the validity of a case and extent of potential compensation by evaluating three main factors:

  • Harm - to what extent did you suffer bodily harm, emotional anguish or property loss. This includes future losses as well as overall pain and suffering.
  • Negligence - did the party at fault act wrongfully or in a negligent fashion?
  • Liability - Did the party at fault have a liability or did they violate a "standard of care" that was due to the individual or the public at large?

These factors can have many legal implications and most always are not clear cut and must be evaluated against legal arguments and precedents. We may look for any intent to cause harm or to knowingly act in a negligent fashion. This can prove useful in making a case stronger or in seeking a larger settlement. Our initial consultations at LeavenLaw are free of charge. During this time we will answer your questions and concerns as well as discuss the merits of your case.

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