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When injured through a reckless, negligent or wrongful act of another person or corporation, a Bradenton area personal injury lawyer from LeavenLaw can assist in seeking compensation for damages. Our legal team is a highly dedicated and committed team that understands how vital the outcome of your claim is to your health and future. We take on each case determined to seek compensation that is fair, considering the degree of injury and damage suffered by the victim. Each case must be evaluated at once to determine our best course of action in your case.

Every personal injury case must include actual damage or harm. These damages include medical costs, future medical and rehabilitation, surgeries, ambulance costs, and other damages such as loss of income and future economic losses. Pain and suffering after an injury must be fully addressed based on the injury and how it will affect the victim in the future. Many cases of serious injury change the lives of the injured forever, such as in cases of spinal injury, brain damage or disfigurement. These cases demand the assistance of our legal team to seek compensation that fully addresses the devastating changes to the victim's life in the future. Our firm has a proven record of successfully recovering compensation in serious injury cases and is prepared to evaluate your case to advise you how your claim or lawsuit should proceed, and what you can expect as an outcome.

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Our personal injury lawyer will meet with the injured victim or their families to assist in the legal process that is necessary in injury cases. Those without legal representation can have great difficulty in getting fair treatment from insurance companies who are focused on reducing settlements. Never proceed in a serious injury case without first getting legal representation to protect your rights. Our firm provides high quality, committed legal support to injured victims in many types of injury cases, including the following:

We urge you to contact a personal injury lawyer from our firm at once if you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence. We will evaluate your case and determine how your lawsuit or claim should be addressed. These are urgent situations and fast action by our personal injury attorneys can lead to a higher settlement for the injured victim.

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