The attorneys at LeavenLaw have much experience in defending lawsuits against companies that have bought an old debt from a credit card company, mortgage company or medical service provider. Many times, debt buyers have not obtained the proper documents or authority to file a lawsuit in a Florida court. Whether the result of robo-signing or fraudulent affidavits or just plain incompetence, many times if a competent attorney experienced in defending debt buyer lawsuits files an answer or motion to dismiss, the cases will have a better chance of settling or a lesser amount (if not going away altogether) if defended properly.

If you are sued by a debt buyer, please gather your summons, attachments and complaint and call our office today for a free initial consultation to discuss you rights and options. Many times, our representation is very affordable (relatively small retainer; payment plans available in some instances) and will recover you (many times) a benefit far greater than the amount paid to the firm in the form of a reduced settlement amount.

Many debt buyers to look out for include, but are not limited to:

  • Midland Funding, LLC
  • Sherman Acquisition
  • Portfolio Recovery
  • NCO Portfolio Management

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