As a client of LeavenLaw, we have spent decades developing our Consumer Law & Creditor Harassment Practice. We have done this to help consumers like you who have found themselves in a tough situation and need help.

The documents that we have provided here are samples, crafted to help our clients protect their rights and, if need be, fight back. As detailed in the various pages of this website, there are many, many laws that afford protection to consumers surrounding debt and it can be hard, if not daunting, to understand. That is why we have tried to categorize our letters, notices and tools in natural groupings to make them easy to understand and hopefully even easier to find and use. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the LeavenLaw Consumer Law Center at (727)346.6050, x308. We will look forward to assisting you.

Letters of Representation

Once you have hired a LeavenLaw, attorney, we will fax notices of representation to creditors and debt collectors and email you as/once we have done so. We still highly encourage our clients to also send letters to their creditors and debt collectors, advising them of our representation. Below are a few samples to consider using:

Letter of

Letter of

Cease & Desist Letters

If you have not yet hired our firm for representation regarding your debt(s) or to file for bankruptcy protection, you can still end the harassment from your creditors and debt collectors. To do so, however, you need to advise them in writing. Below are a few sample Cease & Desist Letters and Refusal to Pay Letters that you can use to try and end the calls prior to hiring an attorney:

Dispute Validity of Debt Letter

Auto-Dialed Calls - STOP Letter

Cease & Desist Letter

Refusal to Pay Letter

Communication Log

To build a strong case against anyone who is harassing you, it is critical that you capture as much data as you can regarding calls that are being placed to you in an attempt to collect the debt. General references to call being made, without more, do not persuade judges or juries and do not convince opposing counsel that you (we) have our act together and are prepared to litigate this to its end, if need be. Therefore, if you are called, answer the phone and take the time to capture the information contained on these pages:

LD&B Communications Log
& Script

We hope these documents will help you both stop creditor harassment and take the first steps toward a financial fresh start. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. (727) 346-6050. We will look forward to assisting you.