Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are looking to reorganize your debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option that allows for debt consolidation. The debtor pays a small percentage of their debts, interest free, over a period of three to five years. Once the payment plan is successfully completed, all eligible debts will be discharged.

A St. Petersburg bankruptcy lawyer at LeavenLaw can help you if you are facing overwhelming debt or foreclosure. We can talk to you about your financial goals and inform you of all your options so you can make a decision that’s best for you now and in the future. It may be that debt reorganization is a better option for you because you make a regular income or have property and assets that you would like to protect.

Advantages of Filing

There are numerous advantages to the debt consolidation approach of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy places an automatic stay on any foreclosure proceedings
  • You can reorganize any past due mortgage payments and work out a plan to pay these
  • You can restructure your car loan
  • You can pay off debts over time, usually with a dramatically reduced monthly payment that will allow you to get better control of your finances
  • Protect your property and assets from liquidation
  • Immediately stop any and all collection efforts by creditors and debt collectors

At LeavenLaw we assist clients with Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the surrounding areas in Florida. When you begin working with your firm on your bankruptcy case, we will also provide creditor harassment representation – at no cost to you. Together, we can stop creditor abuse and work to stop the foreclosure of your home while at the same time reorganizing and consolidating your debt to help you face a brighter financial future! Call our firm today!