Dismemberment Claims in Florida

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Typically, dismemberment claims under Florida’s Worker’s Compensation laws are treated similarly to amputation claims. The fundamental difference? The time of the loss of the limb or other body part. Dismemberments, if they occur, will typically occur quickly, many times happening at the work. Amputations, on the other hand, occur after the accident, usually in the hospital at the hands of a surgeon. Plainly, the loss of an arm, or a leg can be devastating. Similarly, losing a hand or a foot can be a loss like no other. One knows they are the same person that they were before the workplace accident, yet they feel like less of a person. Evolving and adapting to any amputation is a gradual process. Still, you are no doubt grateful and relieved to be alive if the accident was serious enough. With this, however, reality is not changed: you, and those who care for you, must live with the grief and physical challenge an amputation brings. This is never easy.

In the immediate future after an amputation, your wound needs time to heal. Commonly, amputees will experience phantom pains due to nerve endings and the way they work. Over the long term, you will need to adapt, getting used to moving around or dealing with the fact that you have a permanent disability because you are missing a body part.

Financially, the immediate expenses a hurt worker will incur as a result of their workplace amputation involve ambulance bills and emergency room care, surgery and other follow-up medical services. Further, you will in all likelihood need close monitoring of your injured limb, focusing on prevention of infection. Finally, there is a decent chance you will miss a large amount of work and will need compensation to make up for your missed pay.

Regarding longer term financial costs, medical equipment, prosthetic limbs, and therapy (physical, occupational and psychological) will likely be needed. Also, you may need job retraining. In certain circumstance, people who suffer amputations have such a difficult time recovering well enough to make a living comparable to that that they earned before their workplace related accident. Specifically, occupations such as construction workers, musicians and repairmen may find it hard if not impossible to work as they did previously at similar jobs in the future. If you find yourself in such a situation, call with worker’s compensation attorneys at LeavenLaw to discuss your case.

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