Cuts & Lacerations Claims

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Cuts happen. A laceration is a common injury to suffer while working. In fact, lacerations or skin tears caused by a sharp object, such as sharp metal edges or glass, can be devastating to the worker. Cuts can result from slip and fall on the job, low overhangs at the workplace, tools used by the worker while on the job, exposed jagged surfaces, and many other causes. Wounds from cuts or lacerations have a wide range of seriousness, ranging from surface abrasions to deep gashes, and in some cases can be fatal. Laceration’s long-term effects can also be challenging for the hurt worker. If you have suffered a cut or laceration as the result of a workplace accident in Florida, please contact LeavenLaw’s worker’s compensation team for assistance.

Laceration and Cut Wounds

Common lacerations resulting from injuries on the job include cuts on the, face, torso as well as the legs, arms, hand and fingers. To try and prevent permanent scaring, cuts on the face and head should receive immediate attention and more extensive care. A deep gash can go through skin down to the bone, perhaps damaging tendons and muscles in route. When facing such challenges, the last thing you, as the hurt worker can do, is to let the worker’s compensation carrier direct incorrect or, worse yet, block treatment for your workplace related cut. Superficial lacerations can at times even lead to more problematic infections which can cause the amputation of limbs, severe illness or, in the most drastic circumstances, death. If you feel that you are getting incorrect treatment for your workplace cut or laceration, please immediately contact the attorneys at LeavenLaw, your Florida Workers’ Comp law firm. We will look forward to helping you!

After your accident, you Workers’ Compensation doctor referred by the insurance company should direct you to a medical professional in cases involving deep wounds. Wounds infected from workplace injury can also cause major problems. Infection many times is and should be the most serious concern in the first few days following a cut or deep gash caused on the job. If signs of infection appear, including severe pain, chills, illness, irritation and discoloration around the edges of your wound, you need to contact both your doctor and the worker’s compensation carrier. Also, call LeavenLaw to make sure you get the appropriate legal help you need in making yourself whole. The worker’s compensation attorneys at LeavenLaw offer a free consultation to go over these tough questions. Call today.

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If your workplace injury is serious, it is imperative that your legal rights are protected. This is where LeavenLaw can help you. It is critical that you do the research to find a reputable and capable worker’s compensation attorney to assist you in the is imperative, trying time. A law firm with experience, resources and a long-standing track record of success is what you need. LeavenLaw believes its success is based not only on its previous client results, but is based upon the personal relationships it has built with its clients over the last four decades.

To assist you, LeavenLaw’s website discusses its overall legal practice and its attorneys’ credentials. It further provides powerful educational information on Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. Remember, every hurt worker’s case is unique and deserves to be evaluated on its own, independent basis. Please contact LeavenLaw for a free consultation before making a decision about legal representation. You will speak with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney directly, not a staff member.

In the end, LeavenLaw welcomes the challenges offered by difficult cases involving serious injuries and complex issues. If you have been injured on the job due to a workplace related incident, do not hesitate to call and talk to us. You deserve to know your valuable Legal Rights.