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Whether it was due to a reckless driver, a defective medical product or property owner negligence the law provides you with the right to compensation in many cases of personal injury. If another has harmed you due to negligence, wrongdoing, or a failure to uphold a standard of care then a Sarasota area personal injury attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation for your losses, expenses and pain suffered. At LeavenLaw we will look over your case and evaluate it how we can best help you. The core elements of the case that must be considered are:

  • The extent of bodily harm, emotional pain or property damage suffered. We look at not just the direct expenses or losses but also what the potential future losses in earnings might be as well as to provide for ongoing medical needs and support. Above and beyond these items is the element of overall pain and suffering to be compensated for.
  • What was the extent of negligence or wrongdoing involved? This can be the most critical part of building a case as we must demonstrate that the party at fault was negligent in their actions and failed to uphold a level of responsible behavior.
  • The factor of negligence also extends to the idea of general liability. The party at fault does not have to have a duty or responsibility to that specific individual, as a doctor might. Rather it can be a more general responsibility as a driver has to not operate a vehicle when intoxicated or a property owner to keep a property free of hazards.

In personal injury cases there is no need to prove motive or intent to harm. This is sometimes present and in some cases can actually be used to strengthen a case or to fight for a more substantial settlement.

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