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Were you the victim of negligence?

In life and our social activities we expect a level of care and responsibility from others. Drivers are expected to obey the laws, observe posted speed limits and not operate a vehicle when incapacitated by drugs, alcohol or fatigue. Property owners are expected to keep their property free from hazards such as exposed or open swimming pools, poorly lit entrances or hallways and dangerously placed items. Manufacturers are held to standards of safe products, adequate warnings and truthful representation about a product's intended uses and potential side effects. When individuals or companies fall short of the expected standard of care then this is known as negligence. A Largo personal injury attorney can be critical in proving the validity of the claim and in negotiating for a settlement and compensation.

There are three key elements that we will evaluate your case by. To build an effective personal injury case our job involves proving that certain factors exist in order to establish the basis for compensation. These factors are not necessarily clear cut and are often subject to complex legal rules and interpretation. However in brief these are:

  • What was the extent of bodily harm, emotional pain or property damage suffered? Although harm alone does not establish an adequate basis for compensation it must be present.
  • Establishing the liability for an injury. While a property owner could be liable for any harm that occurred on their property a nearby neighbor would be very unlikely to have any liability.
  • The key is often in the factor of negligence or a failure to uphold a "standard of care" that was due to another. A doctor has an expected "standard of care" that they must uphold and by which they can be held responsible for.

We may look as well for any intent to cause harm or to knowingly act in a negligent fashion. This can prove useful in making a case stronger or in seeking a larger settlement.

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The best thing to do is to meet with us at LeavenLaw for an initial consultation. We can discuss the merits of your case and answer any of your questions. We provide experienced legal representation in injury cases including personal injury, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and boating accidents. Our initial consultations are completely free of charge and are intended to provide the answers and direction you are seeking.

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