Florida Mold Insurance Claims

Does your insurance cover mold damage?

Molds are a kind of fungi which require moisture to grow and are naturally prevalent in a humid state such as Florida. Hurricanes, floods, water leaks and many other sources can create an environment where molds freely grow. The result can be costly property damage and health problems from asthma attacks to memory problems, body aches and others.

Apartments, duplexes, single-family homes and the like fall under Florida's landlord/tenant laws. Many individuals who encounter mold problems are frequently told, though, to seek help from their insurance company. In most situations, your insurance policy should cover the cleanup and damages caused by a pipe that has burst or a roof that leaks. Insurers can be reluctant or unwilling to pay the damages you have suffered from mold. The free case evaluation offered by LeavenLaw may reveal, however, that your insurance company is also responsible to see that losses you have sustained from mold is fully covered.

The extent of an insurance claim for mold damages will vary from case to case. It may include repair to structural damage, replacement or cleanup of your ventilating system, testing and treatment for any illnesses caused by the mold and more. An accomplished Florida insurance claim lawyer from the firm is ready to meet with you to discuss your case and assist you towards the full benefits that you are owed.

Effective Legal Representation in Mold Damage Claims in Florida

The costly repairs and cleaning connected with mold damage can be frustrating enough without having to battle an insurance company. The firm has 50 years of experience in negotiating to settle disputes or aggressively obtaining favorable conclusions in a court of law. They have assisted many thousands of individuals to resolve their legal needs.

Mold is not an easy problem to fix and if your homeowner's policy permits it, you should not have to pay for costly repairs, cleaning and treatment. Frequently, this requires the assistance of a firm who has a proven record of taking the determined actions needed to prevail on behalf of their clients.

Contact a Florida mold insurance claim attorney to find out if your homeowner's insurance can be used to cover the damages sustained from mold.