Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyer

Free Case Evaluation on Hurricane Claims

In 2012, the hurricane season started early and is predicted to remain eventful. Although most residents have hurricane damage insurance, many do not understand the full amounts that they may be owed or how to ensure their insurance claim is correctly resolved. In far too many instances, a policy holder has faithfully paid on their insurance for years and years only to run into trouble when they finally have to file a claim.

This is where a hard-hitting approach by a Florida insurance claim attorney from LeavenLaw comes in. They have assisted thousands of Florida citizens to successfully resolve their disputes so that they can move ahead with their lives. Whether it is your home or business that was damaged, the firm offers a free case evaluation so that your case can be quickly reviewed. Their attorneys know how to prepare and file claims based on the letter of the law and the details of your insurance policy. This can include correct calculation of deductibles, your actual living expenses, proper determination of what is and is not covered by your policy and working so that the full compensation you are owed is demanded.

Additional Damages from a Hurricane

In the case of hurricanes, there can be additional damage caused by floods, fires and mold that you may be entitled to be paid for. You have the right for an attorney to review all questions that will be asked by an insurance adjuster and any demands for information. If you are asked for a sworn statement, the firm can assist you to make certain it forwards your claim while complying with the law. It is vital that the full extent of your damages be well documented which can include photographs, videos, receipts, appraisals and other information. With over 50 years in practice, the firm takes great pride in knowing how to establish and push through a valid claim.

Remember, insurance companies do not maintain their large profit margins by instantly paying out in full on claims. Many times, it takes persistent and knowledgeable action to force an insurance company to fully compensate you for the damages sustained from a hurricane.

If you suffered hurricane damage, contact a Florida hurricane insurance claim lawyer for aggressive claim payment assistance.