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If you have been late in making any of your mortgage payments, you may be worried about the possibility of foreclosure. Unfortunately, this has become a reality for thousands of families across the nation. Worse still, only a tiny fraction of those facing foreclosure know that there are other options and that they can take steps to prevent it from occurring, even if they have already been served a notice of foreclosure.

It is imperative that you act swiftly and contact a Brandon foreclosure defense lawyer as soon as possible. You have 20 days to learn about your rights and potential alternatives, choose between them, and file the necessary paperwork. At LeavenLaw, we can make this process easier for you by clearly explaining all aspects of the relevant laws, the pros and cons of each foreclosure alternative, and what may be the best fit for your situation.

Practiced Foreclosure Defense Serving Brandon, FL

We are practiced, knowledgeable attorneys, but we are also human beings. The housing crisis, recession, and exponential increase in foreclosures has been tragic for many families, and we would be proud to be able to use our skills to help you keep your home. During a free consultation, we can discuss your case with you and give you information about foreclosure, including:

Foreclosure defense can be complex and navigating the legal system is never easy. Allow us to help! You and your family deserve your best shot at protecting your home from foreclosure. Even if you have not yet received a notice of foreclosure, there may be strategies available to help you avoid reaching that point at all.

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There are alternatives to foreclosure. Learn more about your rights and contact a Brandon foreclosure defense lawyer at our firm as soon as possible!