Drug Possession Defenses

St. Petersburg Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

St. Petersburg drug possession defense lawyers LeavenLaw are successful and well-respected lawyers who, through a thorough evaluation and investigation, can decide which angle to approach your defense from in order to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. Your rights and freedom are our top priority.

In Florida, drug possession can be classified as actual possession or constructive possession. Actual possession refers to drugs found on a person or his/her property, whereas constructive possession deals simply with a person’s knowledge of and immediate access to illegal drugs, whether or not they are on his/her person or property.

Constructive possession can prove valuable for the defense in that the prosecution has the difficult task of proving the intent or knowledge of the accused – evidence of which is exceedingly tricky to find.

Search and seizure is the most common law enforcement method that leads to drug possession charges. Our attorneys will review every aspect of your search to ensure it was conducted legally, to a “t”. If your rights were violated, we can motion to suppress evidence and stop the prosecution in their tracks.

Early intervention is the key in building a successful defense. By starting on your case immediately, our chances of building a stronger and better defense are great. We can petition to suppress evidence or testimonies early on and may even be able to get your charges dropped altogether.

Unreliable witnesses, improper evidence processing and collection, and more: by evaluating and investigating every aspect of your case, our attorneys and support staff can prove certain witnesses are unreliable, that the process of collecting and processing evidence was not standard, or more – thus helping to drop your charges or attain an alternative or lessened sentence.

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