Why a St. Petersburg DUI Attorney?

Hard-Working Defense for Drunk Driving Charges in Florida

Why do you need an attorney in the face of St. Petersburg DUI charges? This is a question that you may be asking yourself if you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges for drunk driving.

Why LeavenLaw Should Be Your First Choice

  • A former state prosecutor offers guidance for your case
  • We create strategic defense plans and review every detail involved
  • We have been defending the rights of clients in Florida since 1972
  • We are a top-rated law firm, known as one of hte most prestigious with a history of excellence

An attorney will be your first line of defense against criminal charges and a conviction for DUI. With an experienced legal professional to represent your interests and properly present your case both at your DMV hearing and in criminal court, you will have the opportunity to avoid the automatic suspension of your driver's license that comes with a drunk driving arrest while also challenging your criminal court charges to work toward avoiding a conviction.

The First Step in Defending DUI Charges

DUI, or driving under the influence, is a potentially serious criminal offensethat may be charged as a felony in some situations, leading to imprisonment in a Florida state correctional facility, heavy fines and court fees, driver's license revocation, community service, probation and other grave penalties. These may impact the defendant in numerous ways, leading to employment difficulties, a damaged reputation and personal or financial troubles.

When a St. Petersburg DUI attorney is able to become involved early in the process of your case, he or she can provide you with numerous valuable services:

  • Scheduling your hearing at the Florida DMV
  • Representing you at your hearing to protect your driving privileges
  • Investigating your case to determine whether there may be grounds to negotiate for lesser charges or have the charges dropped altogether
  • Working to build an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf
  • Defending you inside and outside of the courtroom to seek the most advantageous case result possible

Find out how you can face a brighter future with a competent attorney to handle your drunk driving case. Contact a St. Petersburg DUI defense lawyer at our law offices today.