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Nothing is more important than our rights and our freedom. As American citizens, we understand the value of the constitutional rights to due process. As Tarpon Springs DUI defense attorneys, we also understand how often these rights are violated. It is more common than you may think. For those who have been pulled over by a police officer and asked to submit to a breath test or to perform a field sobriety test, these rights are of the utmost importance but are also in the utmost peril. Far too often, arresting officers make mistakes or ignore certain procedural aspects of an arrest, and in the process, they lack proper legal respect for citizens' rights. Even when all of the proper steps are followed, errors in the testing occur and as a result, innocent individuals are charged with crimes that they did not commit.

At LeavenLaw, we have seen many cases in which individuals lives were almost ruined because of a DUI conviction. Thankfully, we were able to step in and help. We investigate each and every case with meticulous detail, and we explore every possible avenue of defense. Furthermore, we provide support and counsel for our clients as they deal with this trying situation. If you or someone you love is facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is crucially important that you retain an experienced and skilled Tampa DUI lawyer. When you call our firm, we will set up a free case evaluation in which we can begin working on your case. We also give information about DUI related subjects such as:

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