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If you have been arrested on DUI charges, it is imperative that you do everything possible to protect your legal rights and avoid a conviction. A conviction for driving under the influence can have a myriad of consequences, including but not limited to jail time for as long as a year, court fees and fines that amount to thousands of dollars, community service, probation, suspended license, and more. Additionally, you may lose your job because you are unable to drive to work, and you may have a difficult time finding new employment with a criminal record. Many people who have been convicted of DUI also report discrimination from loan officers and potential landlords, not to mention the reactions of their family and friends. Our Spring Hill DUI lawyers are committed to helping you get through this difficult situation without having to experience these repercussions.

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Many people who are charged with DUI feel doomed. With the help of a professional DUI defense attorney from LeavenLaw, however, there is hope! We are well versed in the relevant laws and we have a strong understanding of the faults of field sobriety tests and chemical tests. By calling our firm and arranging a free consultation, you are taking the first step to fighting your criminal charges. We assure you that we will conduct a thorough investigation of the testing methods and your arrest. Any information gleaned from this investigation will be used to defend your case. We have helped innumerable clients attain acquittals in trial, and many more have been able to have their cases dismissed without going to trial. Contact our firm today to retain a skilled DUI attorney and to learn more about the following subjects:

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