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Being arrested for a crime is an extremely unsettling and upsetting event. The knowledge that you could go to jail, face other criminal penalties, or have a criminal record add to the stress, especially if you do not have thousands of dollars to pay for the fines and fees given by the court as punishment.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is both dangerous and illegal, but it is also a crime that many people are unjustly charged with. Although making our streets safer is an admirable goal, the techniques and equipment that law enforcement officers use to determine intoxication levels are substandard and often inaccurate. Furthermore, there are some police officers who neglect to follow procedure, and, as a result, infringe upon your rights as a United States citizen. At LeavenLaw, we firmly believe in our constitutional values and rights, and we know how devastating a criminal conviction can be. That is why we work around the clock to ensure that no one suffers punishment that they do not deserve or that is the result of unlawfully obtained evidence. Our DeSoto County DUI attorneys strongly advocate for those charged with driving under the influence because we genuinely care about our clients' futures and lives.

DUI Lawyer in DeSoto County, FL

When you retain legal counsel from our firm, you will be provided with clear, complete information about the laws and regulations regarding your case, the possible penalties, and the DUI defense we will employ. There may have been errors in the way that the breath test was given, or you may have failed your field sobriety test for reasons other than intoxication. Even if you are facing a multiple DUI offense, we can help. If you have any questions concerning DUI or BUI (boating under the influence), we are willing and available to answer them. We also provide legal assistance with administrative aspects of a DUI, including preparing you for your DMV hearing and helping your keep your license or apply for a hardship license. Take advantage of our free consultation - call us today!

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There are many legal defenses available to those facing DUI charges. Contact a DeSoto County DUI Lawyer to find out more about how our firm can help you protect your rights.