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Of all of the different violent crimes that you can be charged with, one of the most severe and harshly prosecuted by far is that of murder. Due to the violent nature of the crime, the accused act of unlawful killing of another human, law enforcement, and courts will be ruthless in their attempts to successfully convict you. One of the largest concerns of those who are currently combating criminal charges is the death penalty. The state of Florida does believe in the death penalty, and depending on the exact details regarding your crime, you could be at risk of it. If you manage to escape the penalty, however, you are not out of the woods as you could face life spent in prison.

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Consequences of Murder Charges

These penalties are some of the worst consequences that can possibly be imagined and you should not take any aspect of your case lightly. It is vitally important that you have a heavyweight attorney on your side to help protect your rights and fight for your future. By working with an aggressive St. Petersburg murder defense attorney, you can begin to take the necessary steps to combat the charges held against you. This is not the time to trust your future to an untried attorney, you need to be confident that you are being represented by someone with the experience and ability to protect you.

Why Hire a St. Petersburg Murder Defense Attorney?

At LeavenLaw, we understand how frightening charges of murder can be, and are well aware of the precariousness of the situation. Due to this, we firmly believe that no stone can be left unturned in our pursuit of justice. Whether we are focusing on getting the case dismissed, won in trial or getting the charges dropped, you can be confident that we will work exhaustively to bring you your optimum outcome.

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