Brachfeld & Associates

If you have been receiving debt collection calls from Brachfeld & Associates, you could have a case for creditor harassment if their conduct violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) or other debt collection laws. Brachfeld & Associates collects debts and mortgage debts for other creditors. If Brachfeld & Associates calls you or sends you a monthly statement in an attempt to collect the debt, their conduct is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA).

Once you hire an attorney for representation regarding your debt owed to and collected by Brachfeld & Associates and provide Brachfeld & Associates your attorney contact information, Brachfeld & Associates is no longer allowed to contact you in an attempt to collect the debt. Brachfeld & Associates is prohibited from calling you in an attempt to collect the debt. Brachfeld & Associates is prohibited from sending you monthly statements in an attempt to collect the debt. Brachfeld & Associates also cannot call your cellular telephone using an automatic telephone dialing system once you have told them you have hired an attorney or plan on filing bankruptcy. The automatically dialed telephone calls, called "robo-calls", invade your privacy and could violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA provides for $500.00 damages per call placed in violation of the TCPA and up to $1,500.00 per call if the call was knowingly made in violation of the TCPA. These auto-dialed cases can be very valuable to you if you take good notes on calls and let your creditor, Brachfeld & Associates, know that you have hired an attorney for representation and provide our attorney contact information.

If you are receiving calls from Brachfeld & Associates, answer the calls. Take good notes using the LD&B Communications Log. And then call the LeavenLaw Consumer Law Hot-line at (727) 362-4922 or send us an e-mail at We represent consumers in unlawful debt collection lawsuits at no up-front cost. You do not pay us any attorney fee unless we win and recover monies for you. In such a case, the creditor or debt collector pays our attorneys fees and costs. If we do not recover for you, you owe us nothing. That is our No Fee Guarantee. The attorneys at LeavenLaw will look forward to helping you with your case.

Revoking Consent

To revoke any consent Brachfeld & Associates or its affiliated entities have to contact you in an attempt to collect any debt owed to them, including revoking consent to use an automatic telephone dialing system to call your cellular telephone, please either:

  1. Tell them you have hired the attorneys at LeavenLaw to represent you, give them our contact information and then use the LD&B Communications Log to capture information regarding continued unlawful debt collection calls;
  2. Send them a Cease & Desist Letter; or
  3. Follow the instructions below to revoke consent with the above creditor via their website or telephone.

Brachfeld & Assoc.

Follow the link above and fill out the form provided

Phone: 310-273-7867

Fax: 866-496-7062

Brachfeld and Associates Telephone Numbers

If Brachfeld and Associates is calling you or your family members in an attempt to collect a debt, or Brachfeld and Associates is erroneously reporting on your credit report, you have rights and might be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at LeavenLaw can help you stop the collection calls and fix your credit report.

Brachfeld and Associates has been known to use the following telephone numbers in their attempts to collect a debt:

877-545-1461, 866-837-6262, 877-375-6990, 866-834-6218, 310-273-7867, 310-658-5997, 614-389-3316, 805-754-3206, 866-787-1618, 614-389-2600, 866-837-4408, 866-837-4406, 760-957-0024, 713-579-7000, 713-579-7020, 866-837-4402, 866-354-3556, 866-917-1298, 614-389-3316, 866-598-9371, 614-468-2204 , 866-598-9375, 866-835-1915, 866-834-3940, 859-559-4699, 866-598-9391, 866-737-3695, 877-290-2697, 866-917-1328, 866-836-8907, 866-834-3556, 702-628-5344, 971-313-8272

Please call the attorneys at LeavenLaw to help stop the debt collection harassment, clean up your credit report and try to gain the advantage good credit can offer. Schedule your free initial consultation today! (727) 346-6050