Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you have no conceivable way to pay off your debts within the next few years, you may be eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy is the most commonly seen type among individuals. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy affords you an opportunity to discharge debts, bills and financial obligations, while allowing you to keep exempt personal property. In most circumstances, this will allow most clients to keep most of their assets. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to give families or individuals a fresh financial start without being burdened by old credit cards, bills and judgments.

The stress, anxiety and worry put upon you and your family by harassing creditors, past due notices, foreclosure actions and other situations brought upon by heavy debt can be handled. As soon as you go through the steps to file bankruptcy, your creditors will be legally required to immediately halt any collection activities. If you were threatened with foreclosure, any motions regarding taking your house back will be stopped.

Relief from Creditors

Much of your debt will be effectively cleared away once you have declared bankruptcy. However, it is very important to be aware that there are specific debts that are not eligible for clearing. For example, you will still be held liable for tax debts, student loans, child support and spousal support/alimony payments. If you have questions about the process and circumstances that could qualify you, please contact us as soon as possible.
If you are concerned about liquidation and losing your home, car, heirlooms or other assets, please understand that Florida bankruptcy exemption laws do provide for bankrupt individuals to keep a vast majority (if not all) of their property. No one will force you to sell your house and the clothes off your back in order to pay your debts.

Depending upon your financial circumstances, you could be eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida. With the help of a foreclosure defense lawyer at LeavenLaw, you can regain your financial equilibrium.