Solicitation of Prostitution

The solicitation of prostitution is any attempt or act of procuring the services of a prostitute (a person who exchanges sex or sexual acts for money.) Whether or not the services were actually purchased, a person can be charged with solicitation. Simply the act of discussing or agreeing to pricing or specifics of a transaction with a prostitute, or attempting to procure sexual acts for money, is illegal.

A criminal defense attorney experienced in defending individuals accused of solicitation of prostitution is the necessary step in order to avoid a conviction. You may have been the victim of a police sting and are wondering if it might qualify as entrapment. Unfortunately, not all police stings will be deemed entrapment, but the experienced lawyers at LeavenLaw in St. Petersburg can help determine what your best defense will be.

Misdemeanor or Felony Charges

Solicitation of prostitution is a serious accusation that can carry severe consequences per Florida law. A first offense is usually charged as a misdemeanor with a prison sentence of up to one year. A third or subsequent offense is charged as a felony and can carry a prison sentence of over one year. Regardless of prison sentences, the reputation of the accused is on the line. Any sex offense trial may become public knowledge, meaning the accused individual's personal and professional acquaintances and family members will know of their supposed indiscretion.

Our attorneys and staff will do whatever possible to help keep your case private. We will assist you in deciding upon the best strategy, whether it is to keep your case out of the courtroom and away from press coverage or to keep it as quick and low-key as possible.