Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

When a debtor is facing overwhelming debt, constant harassment by creditors or is considering bankruptcy, he or she may wonder whether to involve an attorney. Is it required? How will it benefit the debtor? Filing for bankruptcy and facing the burden of considerable debt is a tough challenge already, and going at it alone may only increase the level of difficulty.

As an individual filing for bankruptcy in Florida, you are not required to have an attorney to handle your case. However, there are specific advantages to involving a legal professional as early in the process as possible. Filing for bankruptcy is complex, and it is a legal matter. When you have a St. Petersburg bankruptcy attorney to represent your interests, properly file your case and guide you through this complicated process, you have a much better chance at a smooth course and a beneficial outcome.

How a St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

In addition to helping you through the bankruptcy process, a lawyer can help you determine whether bankruptcy is the right option in the first place. For some debtors, bankruptcy may be too aggressive of an action and debt settlement or consolidation may be a better route. For others, it may be difficult to ascertain whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy should be pursued, and an attorney can help with these situations as well.

By talking to you about your concerns, your goals and your current financial situation, a St. Petersburg bankruptcy lawyer can help you make the right choices for your unique case. You may be looking for an answer in the face of creditor harassment or may wish to stop the foreclosure of your home, repossession of your vehicle or garnishment of your wages. Filing for bankruptcy may be an option to resolve all of these and similar situations, but without proper legal counsel your chances of taking full advantage of all the benefits bankruptcy has to offer are slim. Call our firm for experienced representation today!